Johanna is exceptional in her ability to blend various bodywork and therapeutic methods, such as Neurokinetic Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Deep Tissue Massage. I've worked with her for nearly a year. She's helped me eliminate various nagging pains when running and lifting while improving mental performance throughout the week. I always leave each session feeling relaxed and refreshed and can't wait for more! I highly recommend her to anyone who takes their health and performance seriously. 

Will H. on LinkedIn

Johanna is more concerned with the wellness of her clients than how much time is left in the session. I have been suffering from tendonitis in my foot and she took her time in treating the area. After the session, the limp I had been walking with for nearly a week was gone. I have had many massages over the years ranging from premiere salons to resort spas and Johanna is the only massage therapist that I have continued to work with beyond a single session. She is the real deal!

Dave on Massage Book

Johanna is amazing! She makes everything seamless - she comes to your house and creates a relaxing environment, bringing her own oils, hot towels, and music. She addressed all my complaints and at the end gave me tips on how to prevent a recurrence of them. Highly recommend!

J.J. on Massage Book

I visited Johanna for treatment of a hip and sciatic issue. Johanna's method of analysis and knowledge of the workings of the entire body, not just the problem area, is utterly amazing. She is not a ‘masseuse’. She is truly a Massage Therapist, a master of her practice and genuinely cares about the helping her clients. We went an hour over my appointment just so she could help relieve my pain. I could go on but will end with a sincere ‘thank you’ to Johanna. You are amazing!

Damian on Massage Book

Johanna is a wholistic healer. She specializes in functional movement and rehabilitation and uses various modalities and techniques customized to each person’s needs. I left her office feeling refreshed and out of pain. Thank You Johanna.

Anonymous on Massage Book

Johanna is absolutely incredible. She is so talented and a true healer! Seriously, a life changer!

Erin on Massage Book

Best massage ever. Will recommend to friends and family.

Leslie on Massage Book

Johanna does an incredible job!

G.R. on Massage Book

Always perfect!

Pat on Massage Book